The Path of Life Energy

About The Path of Life Energy, developed by Irit Tessel

Our lives run in the world in a continuous motion of growth, development, stoppage, and disintegration. This is the way of nature. This is the Energy of Life, which exists in the world, that we are part of, energy the expression of which is through vitality.

Life Energy is a given state of flow. Continuously. When you are filled with Life Energy you function better when facing the day to day – our activities, decisions, and choices, and even when facing attacks by viruses, germs, and various ailments. This Energy has a huge impact on our lives, the way we appear and our ability to live in an "ageless age".

Most of us, at least on the conscious level, seek to live a life of unconditional love, happiness, curiosity, passion, creativity, and daring, all of which will allow our Life Energy to be expressed fully.

But is this really the fact? It seems as though we often find ourselves acting overexcitedly when in fact we wish to pacify and calm an inner storm which won't allow an affective, positive, and sustainable connection.

The reason for this is the connection to Life Energy. Our life's reality sometimes contains pain, driven from our past or present, which effects our connections to Life Energy, and we are often unaware that this connection loosened, weakened, or even detached. A disconnection can bring about either avoidance or over-doing, which may distract and mislead us into a sense of calm. Though this is only a momentary sensation – we have removed the unpleasantness, but with it we have also done away with our passion to live fully. When this happens, all that is left are the marks of distress and physical and mental pain which attest to the malfunction in our connection. It isn’t easy to re-connect when we feel that we are in a giant pit, lacking. Additionally, there is the danger and fear of helplessness and a complete break-down.

Real vitality comes from a quiet place, where we feel whole. It does not manifest as noise or over-doing, and needs not fill-in any gaps. It comes about through movement towards brimming (filling up), and from being in a safe state where the inner 'I' knows the way. This vitality will manifest in the way we appear, in our ability to engage and make things happen, and in our ability to rise when we fall. A vitality that originates from the proper connection to Life Energy will allow us to make our voices heard the way we mean to. It will effect our health and the quality of our lives.

The Path of Life Energy, which I have learned and developed during my years of work in Ichilov Hospital's department of integrative medicine and my own clinic, teaches me this movement toward filling up. It was born and developed through my rich professional experience, and gathered from many sessions during my work . During those years I have come to witness the great difficulty of balancing all our various layers: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My clinic became a laboratory where I helped people, who came to me with clear symptoms of pain, inner distress , confusion, who feel stuck, to bridge the gap and create a new, more balanced connection with that Energy, and to re-spark vitality in our relationships, careers, and family.

The Path of Life Energy is a relationship which aims at healing places that are broken and creates a safe place for the bonding to happen, so that we regain our trust in Life. This maneuver allows the nervous system to shift from a sympathetic, chronic state of feeling on guard to a more parasympathetic, safe place, and to heal our view of the past by way of the present.

The Path is learned through exercising an experience of creating new and healthy Energy, which generates balance. We learn tools which facilitate the movement from a place of lacking to a place that abounds in healing qualities. These allow the bonding process to become surprisingly powerful, without hurting ourselves more; and even to enjoy the ride.

My work is based on bodily sensations and a connection of body, psyche, thought, and spirit.