Focusing in Health

 connects us to our Life Energy; the source of flow, joy, curiosity, daring, creativity, the way to our inner engine. There are times in life when we feel in flow, connected to that source within us

At other times we may feel a decline in energy and get the feeling we are stuck.

My approach – Focusing in Health was born while working with people who had a sense of insufficiency in life, despair, great confusion, and frustration, People with dimmed eyes. They all had in common loss of Life Energy. Working with them consisted of a gentle process of looking for these lost fragments and gathering them back home. The results of this process encouraged me to try this approach with patients in a public hospital. While working at Sourasky Medical center I witnessed the favorable results of my approach.

When the container fills up with more Life Force, one can attend to the discomfort more readily

I believe that in order to cure illness, continuous discomfort, and physical and emotional pain  – we must heal life – nourish it – because in addition to food, motion, and fitness, our nourishment consists of another important ingredient, which is that sense of vitality we seek. The challenge in my work is to return it to the menu, even if it seems elusive; to acknowledge it as one of the more important "food groups" in facilitating holistic health.

Gendlin wrote that everything contains Life Energy, and that one must simply await for it to appear. So very true. Yet, many people don't have the patience for it to appear, so often they give up. They retreat and quit the process. Ones' belief system, education, hardship, trauma (sometimes cross-generational) – whether conscious or not – impede ones' ability to cope. Research suggests that people who turn down the opportunity to cope gradually lose their coping mechanism – as a skill – and eventually reject the possibility of feeling alive.

One must remember, though, that all is not lost. Nowadays, we know that external change, not to mention energetic changes, influence the functions of the membranes of our very cells. Sparks of that Energy conjoin into a larger flame, a gaze with a shine, whose expression is seen through the health of the body and the spirit – which are, in fact, unified. This shine interweaves all facets of life, including intimate relationships, at work, and in creativity. The interaction that takes place between the inner and the outer, takes one step forward.

This journey of development and growth goes through "locked gates" that were erected in order to keep us away from the pain and discomfort. Nevertheless, in time one may begin to approach a locked gate, sometimes to even summon it, keep listening to it. To start to untangle the pain that lays on the other side. This allows the healing process to begin and allows health to come back home.