Reintegrate the connection to your life

A workshop – Reintegrate the connection to your life – A new Relationship

Holland -Breda- 2 April 2023

1-day course in: Experiential Focusing. You will experience, through listening to the body in a

unique way and expanding your awareness, a means to change a vicious cycle of pain and suffering (even when the external circumstances don’t allow it). This program is designed for doctors, psychotherapists, (medical) psychologists, teachers, counselors and professional working with adults, children and adolescents.

What to expect: As therapists we often find that the fear of pain stops our clients from continuing in the process of clearing out the deep layers under their pain. Thus, clients tend to sink more and more with their suffering. The pain persists, causing frustration, despair, and quitting therapy. My method offers a break-through in this vicious cycle. The approach, based on Focusing, takes us a step further, teaching us through experience with unique listening to the wisdom of the body and by expanding our awareness of physical sensations (felt senses).

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