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When we are connected to Life Energy and feel vital, we act out faith, trust, passion, curiosity, joy, and liveliness. we can unfold pain.

About the Program – “way of Life Energy” Untangling pain, Manifesting Health 

During the program we will learn how to spark inner movement, how to manifest more and more Life Energy, so that it may flow in each and every cell of our body, in the day-to-day as well as in challenging times. We will learn to channel Life Energy as a healing, driving force, helping us to untangle pain, while facilitating our development and fulfillment. We will experience its influence on various facets of life, and its effects on our health.

Who is this For?

Therapists, guides, counselors, ritual elders, who wish to acquire new ways of dealing with stagnation and pain in life, and accompany others in their process of healing and evolution.

How is it Done?

This a hybrid, two-part, year long program. 

Part A: Connecting to Vitality

Here we will learn to spot, recognize, and create the proper conditions for a healthy and ongoing connection. We will break free from our victim mentality while learning and acquiring a new kind of relationship, one we feel confident with; one we may influence.  

Part B: Untangling Pain – Manifesting Health

Acquiring the process of becoming whole and healing, by continuing our research and work with the various qualities of Vitality. We will find the reasons for the disconnection from the full experience. We will uncover the key to a full life, which is buried under discomfort and pain.

I invite you to join the “Way of Life Energy”, a path-finding experience.