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“Dear Irit, there are no words to describe the great gift you gave me, the intensity of the experience was beyond what I expected (and indeed I had expectations after experiencing a meeting with you, previously) I was moved by your giving, the depth of the meaning , the aesthetics, the generosity that leaves a hunger of curiosity, of unknowing, in a deep reservoir of knowledge and understanding. You are a pleasure.”

/ Tal Omar – director, writer and theater teacher, focusing trainer

Dear Irit. I have been walking around with a smile on my face for several days now thanks to you. You are a so great.. . Thank you so much for the privilege, the opportunity, the wisdom, the intimacy and the camaraderie. I simply have no words. Well done.

/ Sarit – lawyer

“You have been working with our volunteers who help with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients for several years now. After the last meeting, the volunteers reported that during that meeting they experienced the formation of new and constructive thoughts, creative ideas and “a sense of change”. Other participants talked about calmness, a change in their mood and in their dealing with some of the unpleasant feelings they had before.
I would also like to add that even between us, when we plan a meeting, you are always attentive, easy going and interesting. Formative conversations lead us to choose the right topic.”

/ Bilha Schlesinger – social worker, coordinator of a group of volunteers working with dementia patients, “Ezer Mezion Tel Aviv”

“Huge thanks for the enriching and interesting lecture you gave us. We all really enjoyed is and the reactions among the volunteers were very positive. We’d love to collaborate further in the future, all the best!”

/ Noga Bezaleli – program coordinator at the “Amda” association

“A learning process that is an inward journey, reconnecting yourself to the root of your soul. A process that strengthens my relationship with my life energy  and builds my awareness to make better choices. Thank you for all the knowledge support.
Irit is like no other, I warm heartedly recommend, it’s a gift for life.”

/ Shira Sela – therapist in Theta Healing

“I wholeheartedly recommend, I did 2 courses learning from Irit and I continue with advanced studies. My patients and I both benefit greatly from everything I have learned and experienced. Irit has methods I have not learned anywhere.”

/ Idit Cohen Zemach – Focusing Teacher and an instructor for personal focusing journeys – Chaim B’Kesher, center for personal and couples’ development

“I don’t think it is possible to describe in words just how much healing and relief it brings. This approach brings a fresh and non-intellectual approach to solving pains and difficulties. It raises to consciousness the connection between our body and our emotions, and everything we have experienced so far. I have no idea how this is not yet standard treatment practice, but it will be. I suggest you jump at the opportunity to know Irit and her approach.”

/ Marina Glanz – emotional companion in life processes, focusing trainer

“I signed up for the Focusing in Health program in hopes that your course will provide me with practical tools to help my patients who are sick with chronic diseases, and those whose mental pain keeps them from fulfilling their potential. Now, I am thrilled to witness my own expansion, my ability to go deeper and be more present with my patient’s pain and difficulty as well ,and at the same time managing to find more vitality and resources in people who I’ve experiences barriers for years. Thank you Irit, for the interesting program which was conducted in an intimate and authentic atmosphere. Clearly you have infinite knowledge and a very special ability to touch people and see their beauty.”

/ Gila Amir – integrative psychotherapy and focusing

“While studying nutritional medicine at the Center for the Medicine of the Rambam I discovered that my thyroid gland was unbalanced. During this same period I was also studying with Irit Tessel and at the same time I made sure of maintaining proper nutrition, sufficient sleep and physical activity. After almost a year from the beginning of the process, the blood test showed it returned to normal range and a decrease in antibodies!
This way of life is a continuous journey in which I am continuously learning to better listen to myself, and today I am happy to accompany patients at the Center for the Medicine of the Rambam on their way to optimal health.”

/ Gali Glickman – Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle – The Center for the Medicine of the Rambam

“I came because of back problems and severe stomach pains. Irit changed my life. There is no less dramatic way to say this. She saves lives. And in a gentle, sensitive and egoless way that makes me believe and know that it was actually me who saved myself and she was just the one who lit the way for me and provided me with the toolbox. And so, this is a true life change that I will carry with me forever. Every single person in the world should go to Irit right now and have the opportunity to know how to heal oneself, eradicate suffering, accept and not fight.”

/ Noy Peleg– 33 years old, is a high-tech project manager

“At 60, my back became crooked and sore. For a year and a half I wandered between different therapists. On the way I took with Irit, I discovered that I very quickly gave up on my professional dream. In the process, I learned to listen to myself and let the dream fulfill. My back doesn’t hurt anymore, and I’m not even afraid that the pain will return. It’s just gone. I realized that I was too quick to give up on my dream to develop my method for working with dyslexic children – “Bridge to Reading”. I gave up and my body screamed. In a fairly short process I came back to myself. I learned to listen to myself and do what is right for me, I enrolled in a study program I think is important for the process, and I allow myself to say that it is important to continue to develop, even after the age of 60.”

/ Rachel Shani– develops and teaches the “reading bridge” approach for students with learning disabilities
“In my meetings with Irit I experienced a surprising in-depth treatment method which led me to meaningful insights and decision making. Irit led the process with the upmost professionalism and made me feel secure and confident in her abilities from the very first meeting. For a long time I was in great distress because I was conflicted regarding my old job and my desire to find a new job that matched my skills and academic education. I was unable to make that decision. The process I went through allowed me to make a decision, to be clear minded and focused, and to inform the manager wholeheartedly of my leaving to find a new path. Today, about two years after that decision, I can state with certainty that the process paved that beginning for me.”
/ Noaart therapist, 55 years old