At 60, my back became crooked and sore. For a year and a half I wandered between different therapists. On the path I took with Irit, I discovered that I very quickly gave up on my professional dream. In the process, I learned to listen to myself and let the dream materialize.  My back doesn’t hurt anymore, and I’m not even afraid that the pain will return. It’s just gone. I realized that I was too quick to give up on my dream to develop my method for working with dyslexic children – “Bridge to Reading”. I gave up and my body screamed. In a fairly short process I came back to myself. I learned to listen to myself and do what is right for me, I enrolled in a study program I think is important for the process, and I allow myself to say that it is important to continue to develop, even after the age of 60.

Rachel Shani, develops and teaches the “reading bridge” approach for students with learning disabilities