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About Focusing in health

In the past, when life led me down the path of pain, I developed the habit of contracting and distancing myself from “My Inner Place”. Yet even from this distance, the pain and contraction revealed themselves in my body and spirit because I didn’t really deal with them.

Furthermore, when I worked in Ichilov Medical Center with patients suffering from disease and pain, I discovered that their connection to Life Energy had become tangled up, way before an actual illness manifested. This tangle manifests as discouraging contractions that further develop into pain, infection, and disease. 

Having seen this, I asked my self ‘how can the body, in this weakened and insufficient state, work on beginning to part with their suffering, which has been there for years? Where will the power come from? I imagined seeing the body and spirit as balloons whose Helium had escaped, crashing into life, losing their ability to take flight. I realized that the first step is to learn how to return to the way of connection, through which Life Energy may resume flowing – even during those crashing moments.  

Before I continue, I invite you to take a moment and pause and explore a deeper and wider view of health:

Being honest, when is the last time you paused to observe your pain and stay with it, listened to it in a special way, without sweeping it under the carpet?

The following questions that interest me helped me find a new way to view life and health, a point of view that creates a vital Being, connected to the Energy of Life. I invite you to take a moment to linger with them:

  • To what extent am I aware of the influence that my various devitalizing convictions have on my deep-rooted self, and it’s Will? 
  • To what extent do I allow myself to be devoted to passion, creation, fulfillment, unconditional love, daring to maintain pure curiosity – allowing myself to try things I’ve never dared to try? In essence, to enjoy vitality? 
  • To what extent am I in “My Inner Place”? Do I even remember what it’s like? 
    • Can I feel comfortable in an environment that may not accept me as I am? 
    • Can I stay rooted with myself in spite of the winds of other peoples’ expectations? 
    • Do feelings of shame and guilt control my actions and distance me from my Will? 
  • To what extent do I feel part of the cyclical flow of life, as it naturally occurs?
  • Do I trust myself and others around me, while keeping faith that Life will carry on in spite of my personal injury? 

And yet, I know how difficult, scary, and stormy being in contact with the pain can be. I know this from my own personal journey, and from walking along-side people with touching stories of pain and serious illness. This is the reason I looked for a way we could experience who we were, as a whole, before the injury and the pain. I learned that if I manage to feel the flavor of an healing life energy in every cell in my body and soul, I start perceiving in new ways, and find a way to disentangle the pain.

The ‘Way of Life Energy’ Model

In order to find a new way to develop trust and faith, hoping these would help with self-development and lead to healing, I developed “Way of Life Energy” which allowed me to trust my body as a guide , have faith in the natural order of life-forces, and reconnect to vitality. 

In the long run “Way of Life Energy” is a practical and applicable in every-day life, not only during those times of conscious awareness and effort    example to bring , but as an ongoing  experience. This is because Life Energy is always there – we must develop a continuous relationship with it so that this connection is maintained even through the hardships of life. As a first step, I teach ways to reconnect to Life Energy. The second step is to find what disconnect us from to the flow of this energy, to learn how to heal and let it develop.  The third step is to use the power of life energy to unfold pain

Practice and Application

Working with a patient is a gentle process of a bringing into awareness two very important facts:

  1. We are in a constant relationship with Life Energy.
  2. When we become aware of this relationship, 
    1. Even in challenging times when we don’t feel the connection, we can trust that it’s there.
    2. We can start nurturing it.

I found that these facts have the effect of shifting our mental position from that of being a victim to being willing and able. One of effects of being in the position of victim, is that we enter a kind of “survival” mode, where we find two aspects: 

  1. Protecting ourselves from harm (avoidance and\or excessive activity)
  2. Evolution and growth

I found that the importance of this second aspect is little known, even though it is equally important in our lives, because when there is no growth to be found, we will find no life. In my daily practice I point at both of these aspects. This is because I realized that there is no wonder that many people have abandoned their trust in life. This is in response to the memory of the pain felt when they encountered Life Energy in a traumatic way. 

I see pain not as the enemy, but rather as an ambassador of inner turmoil. It’s role is to alert us when we are in danger and need protection, as well as when our growth is stuck and needs movement. The creation of movement is like a dance between a connection with Life Energy that is whole, and the holes that we fall into while on our life’s journey. 

And so, through working with the body, we notice sensations and may find places of Energy, even in cases where the person feels that there is none. This process is based on Focusing on the experience of the sensations of the body, and excludes the mind.

Realizing these things I have developed a practical model, where I teach new ways of reconnecting to Life Energy, where we feel safe. In this model we learn how:

  • Developing Lighters – Unconditional Connections to Life Energy 
  • Recognizing the Conditions for the Relationship with Life Energy
  • Recognizing and Healing the areas where a Split Occurred
  • Developing a Wider Perspective of the Experiences of the Body

If you are interested in learning more about how I work, I invite you to hit the link below

  • If you are already have focusing skills you might be interested my course:

Untangle Pain, Manifest Health

Gendlin wrote that everything contains Life Energy, and that one must simply wait for it to appear. So very true. Yet, many people who don’t have the patience or ability to wait for the it to appear, often give up and quit the process.
Ones’ belief system, education, hardship, trauma (sometimes cross-generational) – whether conscious or not – impede ones’ ability to cope. Research suggests that people who turn down the opportunity to cope gradually lose their coping mechanism – as a skill – and eventually reject the possibility of feeling alive.
After experiencing the wonders of techniques and theories taken from Ancient Wisdom in my own journey, as well as with clients ,I integrated them into the “Way of Life Energy“, an approach I developed based on Focusing, taking it one step forward. This is a new Way for quality of life and balanced health.
This way teaches us that even before the Focusing process starts, we may connect to the Life Energy within and around us, even in cases when this connection does not stem from the Focusing process. This initial connection that leads into Focusing is then maintained throughout the process.
This journey of development and growth goes through “Locked Gates” that were erected in order to protect us from the pain and discomfort that we experienced in the past. I recognize a Locked Gate when, for example, I sense pain or discomfort in the body – precisely in the areas where the experience of Life Energy is full, yet stuck. These are cases where I invite the filling presence of Life Energy and find pain.
Nevertheless, in time one may begin to come near a Locked Gate. Good connection to the Life Energy helps. To start to untangle the pain that lays on the other side. and allows health to come back home.

The  paradox

Gendlin, in his TAE, has already noted that paradox leads to innovation. Here we find a paradox wherein the access to Life Energy depends on having Life Energy.
It is sometimes impossible to cross a Locked Gate. And yet I found that when we manage to experience the frequency of Life Energy within us within a safe container, this helps the gates open, like a Trojan horse bearing gifts, not soldiers.
We know that external change, not to mention energetic changes, influence the functions of the membranes of our very cells. Sparks of that Energy conjoin into a larger flame, a gaze with a shine, whose expression is seen through the health of the body and the spirit – which are, in fact, unified.