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Vitality is an ongoing renewable source for dealing with erosion, stress, dailly pressure, uncertainty, and fast-pace changes. Channeling this Vital energy is often more influential and beneficial than time-management and ongoing tasks.

You can encounter Life Energy and learn how channel and harness it to your favor in our short workshops custom made for executives, teams, therapists, coaches, and anyone who wants to further develop themselves. 

Connecting to Vitality – Experiential Workshop for Corporate Employees

  • When your work is done with vitality, you become more productive and give better service
  • Employees who are connected to their inner source of vitality don’t look for external solutions every time a problem arises, or when in conflict in the work space.
  • Employees who are connected to their Vitality readily find they can withstand change, stress, and the sense of being worn out.
  • Employees will find it easier to connect with one another, and feel banded together

Whenever one can connect to the spirit of curiosity, creativity, and daring, one feels refreshed, renewed and joyful – even when the situation seems at an impasse – and one can move forward and act casually and produce with quality.

For many years I was active in the business world, in high-ranking positions. I know the feeling when employees hard at work, racing to meet deadlines, objectives, and goals, don’t pause to fill themselves. This state of affairs leads to frustration and despair, and eventually also leads to being stuck and feeling disgruntled about work. Switching work-spaces or employees doesn’t help reduce the distress, because the corporation must help their employees feel satisfied in the work-place, while allowing them access to their sources of inner strength. This is why the connection to vitality can only come from an inner place, and this deep source is the key to long-term wellbeing. This key is within them.
I believe that a life without vitality is not written in stone. We live in a world filled to the brim with Life Energy, and our very cells are filled with it too. One may get to know, study, and practice connecting to it. Live it – at home and at work.

How it will be:

  • We will practice various ways to connect to Vitality, and learn how to apply them in our everyday life.
  • We will experience ways of listening to body sensations behind which valuable information about our life is hidden. 
  • I will share my personal story and those of people I encountered in my clinic
  • We will practice in a way the involves experience, but without exposure being too  intimate. In this way we will have valuable social interactions.

Further Information:

  • Short-form Workshop: instructive and experiential 5-hour session
  • Long-form Workshop: 5 sessions, of 4 academic hours each, based on in-depth practice
  • Number of participants: 15-20
  • Matches both executives and employees
  • Works in Zoom as well