In my experience, physical and emotional pain signifies the decline of our connection to Life Energy. The loss of contact with curiosity, passion, unconditional love, daring, and fulfillment. A rupture created by the painful reality of our past or present life. Surprisingly, I became acquainted with the wonderous power of this Energy in areas I did not see it. My challenge is to accompany people in Recovering the Connection, in the Way of Life Energy. 


My program “Integrate your connection to Life Energy  :  Untangling Pain- Manifesting Health”  as part of my approach called “Way of Life Energy” is an experiential-developmental-practical  model. 

My program is unique, profound, and ground-breaking. Throughout the course we will learn the gentle art of reconnecting to Life Energy and Vitality in your personal and professional life. We will experience and learn how to untangle pain without hurting, and possibly even enjoy the ride.

The attached chapter (translated from Dutch) has a review of the approach I have developed and is from the book published by Frans Depestele, MD, psychiatrist. MA philosophy. 

Psychotherapy for a physical illness (2023)

llness. Click to read the chapter

About me
מה אני עושה

Nice to meet you,

I am Irit Tessel, a mother, a spouse, a lecturer, life-lover. I accompany people in their journey of development and healing. I specialize in Focusing, in Israel and world-wide. Focusing became my way of life as a result of my personal journey of connectivity and learning. I studied Somatic Experience and practices derived from Ancient Wisdom. I created an approach I called “The Way of Life Energy” – which is the foundation of Focusing in Health – another way toward better health and quality of life.


Vitality is a steady and replenishable source for dealing with feeling worn-out, stress, tension, uncertainty, and the rapid changes of life. Channelling the energy of vitality often has a greater and more beneficial effect than time-management and practical tasks. 

It is possible to encounter Life Energy and learn how to channel it, from within us, in our favor. You are welcome to have this encounter in one of the  workshops I hold – for executives, teams, therapists, coachers, and those who wish to further develop and fulfill themselves.